Sanskaram International School
Sanskaram International School

Sanskaram International School


HR-1: The school/hostel authorities have the right to search the child, and his/her belongings at the time of admission to the hostel, or on return from leave/vacations.
HR-2: Boarders are not allowed to keep valuables, jewellery, and any other articles, which are not approved by the school authorities. Students are not permitted to keep any money or cash with them. No student is allowed to make any direct cash purchase from anywhere. All purchases are to be done through the procedure prescribed by the hostel council.
HR-3: Parents/guardians are not permitted to meet the boarders, without the permission of the Principal. They are allowed to meet the students only on prescribed days. During school times, parents/guardians are not supposed to visit their wards. They can meet the students only in the reception area.
HR-4: All school/hostel property must be handled with due care. Any damage to furniture, fittings, equipment, books etc. will be recovered from the student’s account.
HR-5: Eatables and gifts of any kind from outside are not permitted.
HR-6: Electrical gadgets like heaters, kettles, irons or any such appliances like, mobiles, radios, TV, CD-players, i-pods, razors, blades,electric/electronic shaving machine or any other electronic, electric or computer devices not approved by the school are not allowed in the hostel.
HR-7: Surprise check will be made by the competent authority appointed by the Principal. Extra items, other than those permitted by the school will be confiscated. A report to this effect, will be recorded in the discipline register and the checking officer, as well as the student, must sign the same.
HR-8:Boarders shall not smoke or bring tobacco, alcohol or any unauthorised item into the hostel.
HR-9: House brother/sister or any other competent authority appointed by the Principal will take roll call at the times specified by the Principal. This will be done preferably in the afternoon as well as in the evenings.
HR-10: Boarders must remain, and study in their respective rooms/dorms or class rooms during study time as directed by the competent authority.
HR-11: The lights-off time will be notified by the Principal.


Our Central Dining Hall is a modern, spacious and airy hall in the Hostel Mess. It provides the students and staff with the two main meals of the day, as well as breakfast/snacks in the morning and evening with milk for students and Tea/Coffee for staff. There is a competent Mess Committee where students and staff meet the catering manager to provide feedback and make suggestions, including the range and content of the menus once in a month.

Sanskaram International School is located in the heart of Patauda which is easily accessible by road and is 2.5 km from the Rewari-Jhajjar highway. Patauda is a village of Jhajjar District in the Indian state of Haryana located in the south of National Capital Territory of Delhi, 78 kilometres south of New Delhi and 12 kilometres from Pataudi. There is one more village called Patauda Khera is also under the Patauda panchayat. Nearest Railway station is on Pataudi Road 10 km away from Patauda.
We strongly urge and do invite all the prospective parents to pay a visit to the school with their wards so that the whole family can see the school and can have the positive feeling of all round satisfaction for going to take a right decision in right direction for the growth of their wards.
We sincerely request you that to avoid any inconvenience, you are kindly requested to fix and make a prior appointment before visiting the school. We shall be always there to welcome you at school reception from 9.00 am onwards from Monday to Saturday.
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