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1. Leave and absence for a period should be sent on the prescribed Performa to the class teacher. Prior sanction for the same should be taken.
2. A student returning to school after a contagious or infectious disease should produce a fitness certificate from the doctor.
3. All students are expected to attend school on the first working day of after each vacation.
4. Absence without leave will incur a fine as given : • Classes LKG to XII - 1 Rs. per day
5. Continuous absence from the school for more than 7 consecutive days without leave or unexplained absence renders the student liable to have his/her name stuck off the school rolls.
6. Students need to fulfill the criteria of 80% of attendance for the academic year in order to be considered for promotion.

1. A clear one – month’s notice or school fee in lieu thereof, is to be given when a student is to be withdrawn.
2. In case of withdrawal, transfer certificates and security deposit will be released on clearance of the school dues.
3. Security will be refunded ONLY if the application is made at the time of withdrawal of the student.
4. Application for withdrawal in the month of April should be submitted before 7th of April, otherwise fee for one month i.e. for May will also be charged.
5. Students discontinuing in the middle of the terms shall pay fee for the academic year.
6. A student can be expelled by the school authorities on any of the following grounds:-
(i) Irregularity in attendance
(ii) Behavioral Problems
(iii) Non – payments of fee/School dues.
(iv) Non – submission of Transfer Certificate/Birth Certificate.
(v) Moral breach, as seen by school authorities.
7. Nothing except the caution money is refundable at the time of withdrawal, even if the child has not attended the School for a single day.
1. Students should always carry this diary to school.
2. It is an offence to leave the class without class pass.
3. Books (other than text books or library books) and magazines brought to the school, are liable to be confiscated.
4. Lending or borrowing money and other articles, is not permitted.
5. The school will not be responsible for the loss of any item. Students are advised not to bring valuables like costly watches, Jewellery and fountain pens etc.
6. Bicycles must be kept locked. Riding bicycles or motor bikes in the school compound is strictly prohibited.
7. Cell Phones/MP4/CD/DVD/Pen Drive and material of similar kind are not allowed in the school.
8. Students who use the school bus should follow safety and conduct regulations. Buses are extension of school and discipline should be observed and enforced. Drivers are in complete charge of buses and will report any misconduct on the part of students.
9. Students should obey house prefects, class monitors and other students on duty.
10. Students must attend school in proper uniform.
11. Students are not allowed to leave the school in working hours, unless the authorized person, whose signatures are on the first page of the diary, comes in person to make the request.
12. Senior students must submit the application for leave one day in advance.
13. Students studying in Kindergarten and classes I and II are not allowed short leave from the school. The parents need not sent them to school if they want them to avail short leave.
14. Students must carry school identity cards every day.
15. Maintain regularity and punctuality at all cost.
16. Students should not indulge in disruptive activities. Any loss or damage caused to the school property because of such activities shall be made good by the students responsible thereof.
17. The school possesses the right to take severe action and even to expel a student from school who is found guilty of misconduct.
18. On birthdays, students should come in school uniform and should distribute sweets to the class only. However, students of primary classes are exempted from wearing school uniforms on their birthdays.
19. Treat school property with care as you would do at home.
20. Be dignified and rule-abiding in dress, talk and behavior.
21. Be proud of your institution and make every possible effort to raise its image.

Sanskaram International School is located in the heart of Patauda which is easily accessible by road and is 2.5 km from the Rewari-Jhajjar highway. Patauda is a village of Jhajjar District in the Indian state of Haryana located in the south of National Capital Territory of Delhi, 78 kilometres south of New Delhi and 12 kilometres from Pataudi. There is one more village called Patauda Khera is also under the Patauda panchayat. Nearest Railway station is on Pataudi Road 10 km away from Patauda.
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