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Welcome to Sanskaram International Public School campus sedately built with airy corridors and hallowed arches reverberating with happy sounds of children and resonating perceptive wisdom. The Sanskaram International Public School does provides a specialist education in many different spheres. It has done wonders in the field of education so consistently, without wavering from the basic and core characteristic since its inception/incorporation in 2015. The greatest and the biggest strengths of the group’s schools is its qualified, experienced teaching and non-teaching staff. The strong, skill full management administration holds the key to its success in such a short time frame. Rich friendly atmosphere and environment encourages a strong sense of community and helps to develop strong bonding that was sustained, is sustained and will be sustained in surrounding life in and beyond the Schools.
Each child here is treated in a sensitive manner, provided with appropriate developmental programs to encourage not just learning but also the love of learning. It also provides an environment that is safe, clean and healthy and child oriented. An environment where classrooms are arranged to provide effective learning. Activity areas are designed where children are allowed to explore, experience and succeed.
All the subjects and activities possess elements of creativity and educational expressions. We infuse a new life and spirit into each subject and activity through which the development of super human being becomes possible.
Our curriculum includes subjects which promote mental and spiritual development motivating children to attain knowledge of the world and their nation creatively with a constructive approach.
Group’s environment being secular is opens the school to students from all states, socio-economic backgrounds, castes and religions.
The school’s inspiration and foundation came from the founder Director Late Master Dayanand whose founding vision and the deep hearted desire to provide the best educational practice to students in India thus making the Group of school’s a unique boarding environment in India. It also provides the school with its unusual position of being a national brand with a global reach and reputation, and an international outlook.
The school’s proven track record in producing outstanding leaders in all walks of life has given Sanskaram Group of Schools a worldwide reputation.
Sanskaram Group of Schools are equipped with Air-conditioned classrooms, laboratories; activity rooms etc. and they are designed for greater efficiency, and to protect children from air and noise pollution. It provides an environment equal to best anywhere in the world.
A teacher student ratio of 1:30 ensures individual attention to the students. Our students are encouraged and guided to develop their analytical and problem solving skills. Special tutorial/remedial teachings both during and after school hours are arranged according to the need of each child.
The complete campus is Wi-Fi for 365*24*7 with high speed connectivity internet usage available for students and staff.

Sanskaram International School is located in the heart of Patauda which is easily accessible by road and is 2.5 km from the Rewari-Jhajjar highway. Patauda is a village of Jhajjar District in the Indian state of Haryana located in the south of National Capital Territory of Delhi, 78 kilometres south of New Delhi and 12 kilometres from Pataudi. There is one more village called Patauda Khera is also under the Patauda panchayat. Nearest Railway station is on Pataudi Road 10 km away from Patauda.
We strongly urge and do invite all the prospective parents to pay a visit to the school with their wards so that the whole family can see the school and can have the positive feeling of all round satisfaction for going to take a right decision in right direction for the growth of their wards.
We sincerely request you that to avoid any inconvenience, you are kindly requested to fix and make a prior appointment before visiting the school. We shall be always there to welcome you at school reception from 9.00 am onwards from Monday to Saturday.
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